What this is all about

This blog is a form of therapy for me.   It’s been a while since I kept a diary and this will serve as good as any.  Nothing much other than observing life and how we are changing and expressing ourselves in a different way.  

There is no technical excuse for me not to take notes, it’s primarily the place I would do it and the time.  I’m hoping with my calendars that I will be here more often then not, and with something of substance to share.

The World Changed Today

London Ontario, early 1992.  Our college gang was in a house full of engineering students at Western (Ben, Rich, myself, and Dave, our host).  I walked into the kitchen and saw a glowing element with two knives sticking up.  Figuring it was a safety issue cause by the large amounts of beer being consumed, I took the knives out , shut off the element, and told the other guys. They rushed back into the kitchen to replace the knives.  I had no idea what hashish was, let alone “hot knives” (where you heat the kitchen utensils and press them together, causing the hash to vaporize).

Around 25 years later, it’s finally legalization day in Canada.  I know a lot more about hash, cannabis and both the market and derivatives than I care to in some ways.  I’ve changed, people have changed, friends came and went, hearts were broken, fortunes lost, babies were born, some people died.  And now, with the status of a fully legal market, cannabis is out in the open.  No more sneaking around to find dealers on the street, but also no more waiting for your dealer to finish talking to a notorious bicycle thief so he can make your deal, nor driving him to the store for a pop and chip run, or helping find her escaped cats, or for that matter sneaking a toke with famous and semi-famous people in kitchens, alleyways, or what have you.

I feel bittersweet today, for many reasons, but also a feeling of excitement for what the next 25 years of a legal, above-ground industry might bring to a simple weed which has dominated most of my mid-life years.